Receiver trades will shape NFL playoff race in 2010 – and beyond

In the midst of all of the hype, hoopla, fanfare, and pomp and circumstance (wait, did I cover everything?) leading up to next weekend’s NFL Draft, four major trades have taken place this month. Not only will these trades have Continue reading

Kevin Roberts’ 2010 NFL Mock Draft: 4.0

We’ve learned a lot in the past two months, via the NFL Combine , pro days, injuries, NFL trades, and through NFL free agency . We now know that Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy can throw the ball and are Continue reading

With Cincinnati Not an Option, Where Will Terrell Owens Go?

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2010 Free Agency: Top 10 Running Backs

It’s a wild place out there in the current free agency realm, but somebody has to make sense of it. There are more capable running backs available on the market than you’d think, and with Jamal Lewis added to the Continue reading

2010 NFL Free Agency: Top 10 Quarterbacks

The NFL has 32 teams, and of those teams, there are 23 of them that have a bonafide elite starter or a young passer that is deemed the “franchise passer”, at least for now. That means roughly nine teams could Continue reading