2009 NFL Draft Team Grades – AFC North

After handing out 2009 NFL Draft team grades to the beasts of the AFC East, it’s time to evaluate how the AFC North’s quartet did last weekend. Baltimore Ravens Grade: B+ Best: Paul Kruger, DE, Utah Kruger is an elite Continue reading

Should the Bengals have drafted Andre Smith?

As much attention that has been paid to the Oakland Raiders’ pick of Darrius Heyward-Bey at #7 overall in last weekend’s NFL Draft, it hasn‘t gone unnoticed that what happened with the pick before them was something similarly unsurprising and Continue reading

How to Kill Your Draft stock, by Andre Smith

I was occupied over the weekend, so I didn’t see this until today (late, I know), but what to make of Andre Smith’s disappearance from the combine? Yeah, he apologized for it, as he should’ve, but this was the last Continue reading

NFL Scouting Combine Storylines: Offense

This weekend, many an NFL Draft fanatic will be tuned into the NFL Network or sitting in front of their computer as the stars, starters, busts, and footnotes of tomorrow will showcase their talents at the combine in Indianapolis. New Continue reading