2010 NFL Scouting Combine: Quarterback Results

Despite not throwing, Tebow was impressive.

Despite not throwing, Tebow was impressive.

With Jimmy Clausen, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, and Tim Tebow all deciding not to throw (or not being able to), this year’s Combine had a different flavor to it at the quarterback position.

However, we still got a good look at several of the quarterbacks, and found some interesting results.

Read on for the top five placements for the quarterbacks in each major category in the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine:

Note: This is strictly analysis on the top athletic performances for the quarterback position, and does not provide analysis on any throwing drills.

40-Yard Dash

1. Jarret Brown- West Virginia (4.54)

2. Dan LeFevour- Central Michigan (4.66)

3. Zac Robinson- Oklahoma State (4.71)

4. Tim Tebow- Florida (4.72)

5. Colt McCoy- Texas (4.79)

The guys that were expected to run well did just that, while Tebow impressed with a time faster than some expected, and Dan LeFevour has a very impressive time. Brown led all quarterbacks with the fastest time, which wasn’t surprising.

Vertical Jump

1. Tim Tebow- Florida (38.5)

2. Zac Robinson- Oklahoma State (35.0)

3. Jarrett Brown- West Virginia (34.5)

4. John Skelton- Fordham (33.5)

5. Jevean Sneed- Mississippi (33.0)

Tebow led all quarterbacks with a very impressive vertical leap, further displaying his overall excellent athleticism for the position, while John Skelton impressed many with a solid vertical leap.

Broad Jump

1. Tim Hiller- Western Michigan (9’10)

2. Tim Tebow- Florida (9’7)

3. Jarrett Brown- West Virginia (9’6)

4. Zac Robinson- Oklahoma State (9’2)

5. Mike Kafka- Northwestern (9’2)

Hiller came out of nowhere to win the broad jump, displaying some fine, underrated athleticism, while the usual suspects, Tebow and Brown, took second and third place in the drill.

Brown has the best overall performance for quarterbacks.

Brown has the best overall performance for quarterbacks.


Jarrett Brown finished third or higher in all three of the major athletic drills for the quarterbacks, and topped all passers in the 40-yard dash, giving him the top ranking for quarterbacks in this year’s Combine drills, at least from an athletic perspective.

Tebow comes in second with a very solid 40-time, along with the top vertical leap among passers, as well as a very impressive broad jump.

Mike Kafka rounded out in the top five in the broad jump, but otherwise turned in a very average combine, while Jevean Snead didn’t help his already poor draft stock with a poor showing in all drills.

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