Daily Links – Thursday, May 21

Besides the latest you can find here on The Red Zone Report, here are some of the reads ’round the way that we recommend.

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While new Chicago Bears Jay Cutler gets acquainted with his new team, could they be working on getting him a new target?

Donte’ Stallworth to Avoid Manslaughter Charges? (Scores Report) – If this happens, he best consider himself one lucky man.

What Kind of NFL Coach Would You Be? (Gridiron Experts) – I’d be the one that racks up fines to the point where a fine allowance is taken out of my salary.

2009 NFL Team Win Total Over/Unders (Sports Crackle Pop) – Whether you’re a professional sports bettor or you’re just a casual player, you know it’s never too early for some NFL betting. I know I see a few that I like.

Is There an Unfair Double Standard in the NFL? (Sports Agent Blog) – Drew Rosenhaus is often full of hot air, but he may well have finally made some sense. Who knew?

7 Things That Should Be in EA Sports’ NCAA Football 2010 (Dawg Sports) – You know what they say about art imitating life.

Fibbing About Fast 40 Times? (Prep News Report) – Whether it’s 4.3 or 4.45, the breeze still feels the same when that receiver blows by you.

Throwback American Football League Jerseys (Shutdown Corner) – Will the style of play come back with the jerseys? One can only hope so.